You know your work is brilliant…innovative, unique and beautifully performed. If only…

Here’s the best way to increase your visibility, promote your brand and prepare for success:


This is the intersection of performing arts and the business that drives its success. “Are You Ready?” is both a participatory workshop for independent artists and their networking organizations as well as a consulting service for performers seeking to improve and upgrade their presence.

In the 90-minute seminar, we’ll help you:

  • Create a brand that is true to your work but makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Learn how your website and social media can showcase your talent and increase your reach.

  • Develop multi-media tools to earn money and employ analytics to your advantage.

  • Use the best photos, sound files and media services to serve your needs.

  • Set the stage for successful touring.

  • Better understand the presenter marketplace.

In personal consultation, you’ll learn to:

  • Improve your online presence and promotional materials through better bios, photos, artists statements.

  • Use social media and web tools to communicate with presenters and your audience.

  • Link and potentially monetize your audio and video performances.

  • Develop a template for scheduling regular updates.

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Here's what workshop participants have to say:

Karla Huntsman

Storyteller, Nevada Arts Council Workshop participant

“Thank you again so much. My head is spinning with all the things I need/want to do! I just took off the 25 years bit from my website.  I feel lighter already!”


Kris Palmer

Executive Director, Black Cedar Music, InterMusicSF workshop participant

“Thank you again for your terrific workshop. I've attended a number of chamber music workshops, and yours was by far the best. Thank you for telling us what all of us in that room needed to hear.”


Arts Northwest October 2017
“Are You Ready” Workshop participants:

Very clear and organized - Great photos - visual – knowledgeable.
Thanks for your invaluable help!
Lenore did a great job of giving us timely, pertinent and useful info. It was super helpful, I can’t recommend this workshop enough.